Brick Pizza Oven

Brick pizza oven in the open air

Jamie Oliver is passionate about Italian wood-fires brick pizza ovens. Here he shares his tips:

Brick pizza oven: What’s so great about having a wood-fires oven?

‘It’s such a beautiful way of cooking and you can’t get the same wood and charcoal flavours from traditional oven.’

Brick pizza oven: What can I cook in it?

‘All kinds of things – pizzas, stews, roast and casseroles.’

Brick pizza oven: What accessories do I need?

‘Once you’ve got your wood-fires oven and somewhere to sit, that’s pretty much it. For pizzas get a metal paddle to slide them in and out. You’ll also need a brush to clean your wood-fired oven.

Brick pizza oven: How do I plan what goes where?

‘Position the wood-fired oven so it’s sheltered from breezes and make sure there’s a bit of space around it. Keep it close to the indoor kitchen so you can do prepping inside and easily bring food out to cook. Keep tables and chairs moveable so you don’t end up down-wind of the fire.’

Brick pizza oven: Does a pizza oven cost much to run?

Not really. Once you’ve installed it, the only outlay is wood for fuel. Look after it and it’ll still be running in 20 years’ time!’

Brick pizza oven: How do I protect it during the winter?

‘If it’s a brick oven, you don’t need to. Just make sure it’s clean after you’ve finished with it at the end of the summer.’


Find a sheltered spot in the garden within easy reach of the house for an outside cooking area. Here are our tips for creating somewhere that’s practical whether you want to use brick pizza  oven all summer – or all year – long.

Brick pizza oven: Consider how you want to cook

A wood-fired oven or brick barbecue like Jamie Oliver’s on the picture above is the most permanent solution. For other brick barbecues, try Argos (0845 640 3030, Large gas barbecues offer instant heat, are fast and efficient and can be moved. For versatility, look for one with a gas side burner. Try Outback (0845 388 6032, and Weber (01756 692600, Do buy a cover  to keep it protected over the winter.

Brick pizza oven: Fit rails for hanging

You most-used utensils, such as colanders, spatulas and tongs, and shelves and pots for storing sauces and spises, but remember to bring them all indoor again after use!

Brick pizza oven: Plant culinary herbs

In galvanized planters close to your cooking area so you don’t have far to go when preparing or cooking your food. The most popular herbs is summer dishes and marinades are basil, rosemary, chives, mint and oregano.

Brick pizza oven: Invest in an all-weather clock

To add to that ‘kitchen’ feel and blur the boundary between indoors and out. For design similar to the on below, try Primrose London, 0118 945 9999,

Brick pizza oven: Choose folding tables

For additional prep space. These can be stored out of season.

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